Home for winter

Home for winter


Creator: Sarah Carriere

Valleyview, Alberta


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Brief About this Fund

I am a single mother, I am not working making money right now until I finish our home Project. God bless you for helping out

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As a single mom my responsibilities 

for life itself are not shared but I trust that God will always make a way. In faith and as a person that has worked in carpentry/ construction for quite a long time now, I have put in a water well, septic system, and started renovating an older home that is on pilings. Lines have been dug and barried for water, septic and power, all permits have been purchased and approved. I have got a new roof on and have started the interior witch has turned out to be a lot more renovations needed than anticipated. All in all I have racked up some big bills and I figured maybe there might be some people out there that would be delighted to help me pay off my bills and take the weight off. Thank ~ You in advance. 

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