GP Family in Need

GP Family in Need


Creator: Jacqueline Pack

Grande Prairie, Alberta


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Tuesday Update

This weekend was quite busy with an out-pouring of support across the community. I have spent hours and hours collecting bottles trying to get closer to our goal. The family had some pretty bare cupboards and a very sparse refrigerator. The kids were eating, but the parents weren't eating much. Thanks to Fusion Cup in GP for donating some hot meals to the family as well as some bottles and the offer for more food! Several other people donated canned goods, diapers, a couple of gift cards (about $40 worth!), winter clothes for the kids and even a ham! The family currently has enough food to last them until the end of the month (besides formula, milk and fresh items).I also received a large donation of $500 to cover September's delinquent rent. The family has money coming in at the end of the month and will be able to maintain their bills if they can move past this hump. $2500 is the total goal cash wise and we are now at $2500-140-110-500=$1750 still needed. Even $5 helps! This weekend is their deadline to have their rent paid. They are still very close to being homeless with 3 young children! Thank you so much for the continued support. We are making a difference!

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