GP Family in Need

GP Family in Need


Creator: Jacqueline Pack

Grande Prairie, Alberta


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Brief About this Fund

Let's help a local family stay in there home! This family is extremely close to being homeless with 3 young children!

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Many families in Grande Prairie have been affected by the recession and slow down in the patch. I have recently discovered one family in GP who is very close to losing their home and becoming homeless...they have no family or friends in the area to help them! This family has 3 small children, one of whom is an infant thus affecting the mom's ability to find work. The mom has tried to find some house cleaning jobs or take in kids but efforts have been in vain. I have been trying to help them access some services, unfortunately any services that base 'need' off of last years taxes, they can't seem to access because they make too much money! It blows my mind! This family is literally going to lose their house over $2500 but apparently they make too much money to receive any help. Please help me help this family! Let's pull together as a community and make a difference for 5 people!