Disaster relief for my Haitian family

Disaster relief for my Haitian family


Creator: Amanda Wiens

Clairmont, Alberta


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My husband and I are going to Haiti on November 14th. We are trying to raise money to help my birth family rebuild their home

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Hi my name is Amanda. My husband and our 7 month old baby plan to fly to Haiti on November 14th. I was born in Haiti and raised most of my life up north in Canada. My heart has been to do what I can for my family in Haiti when I first got to meet them in 2010 and again in 2012. We try to send funds as much as we can to my family but now with the hurricane disaster it is overwhelming the amount of help that will be needed to get them back on their feet. So every dollar counts and we hope to send some funds now before we leave so they can start rebuilding. As of now they are staying at relief centers or crowding into neighbors' homes.My sister Anna tries her best to send me pics or updates of how they are doing when she has cellphone she can use.  Thankyou for your prayers and concerns. We hope to do our best to update on fb about the trip and our time in Haiti. Follow us on fb - Kindred Heartbeat or instagram - mandawiens  God bless you all. 

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