A motorbike for Melvin

A motorbike for Melvin


Creator: Sean Steele

Debolt, Alberta


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Brief About this Fund

This is a fund to help Melvin Peters replace the motorcycle he lost in an accident.

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I have started this fund to help an extremely close friend, Melvin Peters. I met Melvin in Lesotho where he flew  and lived for 10 years. Recently he and his family followed God's calling to serve in Kenya. Nairobi,Kenya's capital, has terrible traffic. Often it takes 4 hours to travel 10km. Hence the best mode of transport is a motorcycle. Melvin managed to get the funding and bought a motorcycle, which was a massive help. 

Here is were I and Melvin need your help.About a month ago Melvin was involved in an accident with his bike, it was virtually destroyed but by God's grace Melvin walked away with minor injuries.

I would greatly appreciate it if you would be able to help Melvin replace his bike and buy some protective riding gear. Every cent helps, wether its US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, Rands, Euros or even Pounds no matter what the currency or amount it will help.

Thank you and God Bless you

Sean Steele

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